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I Am Stronger Now

Now I'm Dancing For The Doomed And The Damned

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Individual in a group of people.
The name's Azazel. Yes, THAT Azazel. Sort of.
I don't bite... unless you ask nicely, of course.

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ac/dc, adopting people, angels in chains, angels in my bedroom, bacon, bdsm, being a bitch, being a whore, biting, blasting music, blood, bruises, burning bibles, chains, cheeseburgers, chinese food, chocolate, clothes with spikes, coffee, crossbows, cursing, dog tags, drinking, drive it like you stole it, egg rolls, fast cars, french fries, guns, halestorm, halloween, hannah fury, hot dads, jeans, johnny hollow, kissing, knives, luciferianism, magic, maiming religious morons, making breakfast, making deals, making men nervous, music, my children, my harem, my husband, mythology, nicki minaj, not taking your bullshit, pizza, rough kissing, satanism, science, scratching, sex against walls, sex work, sob stories, swords, tacos, taking care of people, tea, vampires, walking with murder in my heart, weasels, whips, winchesters, witchcraft, yellow eyed demon club, yes i am a demon
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